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Threshold leverages threshold cryptography to protect digital assets by distributing operations across independent parties, requiring some threshold number of them (t-of-n) to cooperate.


Threshold utilizes a network of independent nodes to provide threshold cryptographic services without a central authority.


Splitting cryptographic operations across nodes increases security and availability and reduces trust assumptions. Threshold is audited by the best firms in the space.


Cryptographic protocols eradicate the trust burden forced on end-users and ensure privacy on the public blockchain.

Threshold is run by an active community.

The Threshold DAO is a decentralized community of T token holders and their delegates who collectively vote to decide what's next for the network.

Current Proposals

GP-029 Threshold Integrations Guild Nominations Election - Epoch 4, 2023

Aug 2023 · Luna5

Hello Threshold community! Following the procedure stated in [GP-11 / TIP-031 ]( regulating the Guild Committee Elections and Nominations, we open the nominations for the elections of the Integrations Guild Committee Members. In this 4th epoch we vote 3 seats. These 3 seats correspond to the members that were elected in [August 2022 elections ]( For a complete review of the elections timelines, number of seats and community members elected, see this [Notion space]( The seats we are voting are currently held by community members: * @Eastban * @Naxsun * @Vict0r We encourage everyone to participate and provide their nominations, any DAO member can be nominated for an upcoming guild committee seat, including self-nominations. Bear in mind that a person who is nominated by another member must confirm their intent to be a candidate. **Focus of our Integrations Guild** The core mission of the Threshold Integrations Guild is to build successful, synergistic and long-lasting relationships with other protocols, DAOs and external organizations. The TIG has recently [extended their number of seats available]( due to a [expansion in the responsibilities and tasks handled]( For a detailed overview of last semester's activities of the IG you can review [the IG H1, 2023 report.]( **Timeline for the Elections** * **August 8th - August 23rd** - Nominations Period * **August 23rd 10 am ET** - Threshold Guild’s Candidates Meet & Greet * **August 24th - August 28th** - Snapshot vote * **August 29th - August 31st** - Transition period * **September 1st** - New term starts for the elected members, which will serve 1-year term: September 1st 2023 - August 31st 2024 If you have any questions join us on [Discord]( and ask away!
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TIP 52: Contractor role for DAO Growth Coordinator

Jul 2023 · sap

## Vote Type Token holder DAO Snapshot with a 7-day vote period. ## DAO-elected Sponsors @ben @JohnPackel @Eastban @Vict0r ## Timeline * 7 days for comment / discussion on this proposal * Token holder DAO Snapshot with a 7-day vote period ## Purpose This proposal is a request to the Threshold DAO to fund a Growth Coordinator role for the purpose of growing the adoption of Threshold projects. This proposal recommends Sap as the candidate for this role. Sap’s current roles on the Integrations Guild and Treasury Guild uniquely position them at the core intersection of Threshold Growth - ecosystem relationships and DAO finances. The purpose of this proposal is not to replace current initiatives of the community, rather, to augment and support them. ## Motivation With the successful launch of tBTC, and the upcoming launch of the thUSD and TACo products, the timing has never been better to grow tBTC usability and adoption. For this reason, a concerted business development effort has never been more appropriate. The intention of this role is to increase DAO bandwidth in the following areas: **1. Liquidity Strategy** The DAO has recently massively increased the number of tBTC pools across multiple DEXs on EVM L2s, with Solana and Base to follow shortly. In addition, the T token itself is required on L2s in order to incentivize key pools. thUSD is approaching launch, at which point a similar strategy will be required. The deployment, management of associated relationships, liquidity incentivization and performance reporting for the numerous pools require significant attention and coordination. **2. Ecosystem Integrations** Diverse use cases for tBTC and Threshold products are required to drive adoption, although relationship development takes time. Currently, the attention of the Integrations Guild is divided between essential DAO operational tasks and outreach, and would benefit from a dedicated position to manage relationships. **3. Documentation and UX** As we scale and our product user base grows, documentation related to tBTC use cases and deployment options becomes increasingly important. Those involved on the front line of protocol integrations are well positioned to create documentation of this nature and to participate in DAO efforts to deploy UX improvements, such as a tBTC use cases dashboard. ## Scope The scope of this role will be a 30-hour/week Growth Lead role at Threshold DAO, remunerated at the DAO’s contractor rate of $85/h. The position will have the following responsibilities: **Liquidity Strategy** * Manage tBTC pool and incentives deployment across new chains. * Collaborate with DEX launch partners. * Deploy, monitor and report liquidity incentives and performance. * Manage T token deployment across multiple chains. * Establish an incentives budget and ratify it with the Treasury Guild. * Assist DAO decision-making to deploy pools and POL. * Develop and deploy a thUSD liquidity strategy. **Ecosystem Integrations** * Create new relationships and opportunities for the Threshold product suite. * Lead protocol onboarding of Threshold products. * Coordinate with the Marketing Guild to amplify and promote new integrations. * Manage and maintain ecosystem relationships. * Write outbound governance proposals for key tBTC integrations. * Sponsor and support interested protocols to seek partnerships via the forum. * Collaborate with the Marketing Guild to amplify integration efforts. **Documentation and UX** * Collect and maintain a list of live tBTC integrations and pools. * Write documentation to collate key DAO metadata, integrations and pools. * Support DAO UX improvement initiatives, such as tBTC integration's public dashboard. * Update and maintain tBTC, thUSD and T token registries and lists. ## Oversight & Review The Growth Coordinator role will operate under the oversight of the Threshold Treasury Guild (TTG). The position and performance will be reviewed on a quarterly basis by the TTG, upon delivery of a self-evaluation to the committee. ## KPIs It was determined that volume-based KPI metrics don’t necessarily align to ideal DAO outcomes. Quality relationships are preferred over a quantity of low-value relationships, and governance cycles differ from protocol to protocol. Therefore, the performance of this position will be determined based on committee review of a self reported quarterly summary of work achieved, based on the scope listed above. Key areas of assessment will be: * Successful deployment of tBTC liquidity across new chains. * Successful bridging of T token to new chains. * Successful deployment of T incentives to key pools. * Weekly liquidity and incentives performance reporting to Threshold Treasury Guild. * Proactive, quality, relationship development. * Ongoing relationship and integration management with DAO partners. * Coordination between DAO guilds and other growth initiatives. ## Recommendation We recommend that Threshold DAO contract with Sap for a 6-month renewable period working 30 hours/week at a rate of $85 USD per hour. Sap will waive their current compensation for the Integrations Guild and Treasury Guild but will maintain their seat on both committees. ### Why Sap Sap has demonstrated the required motivation, capacity and experience to deliver excellent results in this role, as demonstrated by the development of the L2 liquidity and incentives strategy. Sap actively participates in the Threshold community, operations and governance and is a trusted member of the DAO. Sap has several years’ experience in project management and business development from their time in the industry. Furthermore, Sap’s DeFi expertise lends sufficient technical literacy to communicate clearly with potential partners. Sap has soft skills, such as communication, project management, and creative problem-solving, that allow them to work independently and effectively. Sap is an active contributor to Threshold and has thus far contributed the following to Threshold DAO: * Elected member of Threshold Council. * Elected member of Threshold Treasury Guild. * Elected member of Threshold Integrations Guild. * Delivered FY22 Threshold DAO financial reconciliation and reporting. * Manages current liquidity incentives deployment. * Reports on tBTC liquidity growth. * Coordinated liquidity strategy between Treasury Guild and ecosystem partners. * Successfully launched tBTC incentives on Balancer and Curve on Optimism and Arbitrum. * Assisted liquidity deployment and incentivisation of DEXs such as Velodrome, Chronos, KyberSwap and QuickSwap. * Responsible for Beefy finance integration. * Participated in integrations such as Arrakis, Gamma and Harvest. * Threshold Guardian.
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TIP-065 | tBTC Fee Holiday

Nov 2023 · sap

### Vote Type Token holder DAO Snapshot with a 7-day vote period. ### DAO-elected Sponsors @sap, @JohnPackel, @Eastban ### Timeline 5 days for comment / discussion on this proposal. Token holder DAO Snapshot with a 7-day vote period. ### Proposal Reduce tBTC mint fee to 0%, and reduce redemption fee to 0% for 60 days. After 60 days, mint and redemption fees will be reinstated at their current values of 0.1% mint and 0.2% redemption. ### Background This proposal suggests a temporary pause of the tBTC mint fee, and a reduction of the redemption fee, to eliminate friction for new users of tBTC and enable new utility and use cases. tBTC is at a crucial inflection point in its growth trajectory. Liquidity and TVL have grown steadily since launch, but mainstream DeFi use cases, such as lending markets and derivative trading, are pending an increase in TVL and volume. ### Rationale Threshold DAO currently charges a 0.1% mint fee, and a 0.2% redemption fee, which imposes a cost to DeFi users that wish to mint tBTC, and a spread between the tBTC and BTC price for traders. This reduces the amount of capital that can flow into tBTC, as well as the likelihood of arbitrage opportunities for tBTC traders and bots. A pause of the bridge fees will enable new tBTC to enter the system, and reduce tBTC and BTC spread. This allows users that want to earn BTC yield to do so without reducing their principal, as well as market makers to quote tighter spreads, and provide more liquidity with confidence. A short term reduction in fees will allow tBTC to reach the critical mass required for mainstream DeFi use cases. ### Considerations A valid concern of a reduction of bridge fees is that it removes the disincentive of tBTC redemption, which could allow tBTC supply to be drained. Other considerations on the dynamics of fee reduction in the face of a drain attack: * A symmetrical advantage. Traders that want to redeem tBTC to arbitrage create demand for tBTC, which motivates tBTC mints. * LP Incentives. tBTC has constant demand pressure from T token LP incentives. If tBTC LP TVL reduces, APY increases. * Single-sided deposit bonuses. LPs are incentivised to return stable pools to a balanced position, which creates an additional incentive to mint and deposit tBTC. * No change in fundamentals. tBTC allows BTC users to grow their BTC holdings. Users sidelined due to the mint fee will be able to enter the system without cost. ### Outcomes The desired outcome of the fee holiday is to encourage new tBTC into the system, and create opportunities for interchain arbitrage, to boost tBTC volume. The goal is to enable new tBTC use cases with leading DeFi protocols. ### Execution and Timing tBTC fees can be adjusted by the Threshold Council with a delay of 48 hours, before the fee change can be finalised. Once the fee update has been executed, the fee holiday will commence and remain in place for 60 days. There will be a similar delay to reintroduce fees, which means the process to reintroduce fees will commence after ~58 days. The proposal can be accompanied by a "tBTC Holiday Season" type campaign, to spread the word of the reduction in fees over end of solar and lunar year holidays.
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