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Privacy Without Trust

Give your users true sovereignty over their data, today. TACo is the first and only access control layer you aren’t forced to trust.
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End-to-End Encryption. End-to-End Decentralized.

Empower users to share data with qualifying recipients, and no-one else. Encryption via a decentralized cryptosystem, from day one.

Web3 needs TACo

Decentralized Storage

TACo is the perfect complement to persistent storage, finally enabling users to grant future access without having to download & re-encrypt locally.

Web3 Social Networks

TACo facilitates many-to-many data sharing, without a centralized authority that may harvest, exploit and monetize interpersonal communication.

Media Content-gating

Whether it's a stream, a movie or a collectible, TACo enforces the decryption rights. 'Owning' an NFT now holds significance beyond a symbolic receipt.

The Web needs TACo

Hyper-sensitive data

From password recovery to reproductive healthcare, TACo ensures that high-stakes data sharing doesn’t necessitate trusting an intermediary.

IoT & Connected Vehicles

TACo is the antidote to the interconnected hardware panopticon, in which every waking (and sleeping) moment of life is surveilled/harvested by data custodians.

Activism & Human Rights

TACo protects the most vulnerable in society – those who may face intimidation, censorship and violence as a consequence of their data being leaked.

Integrate a Privacy Layer with Nothing to Hide

TACo isn't just auditable, it's comprehensible. From high-level schematic to client code.


Generating a DKG Cohort

Independent nodes are sampled from the Threshold Network to collectively generate a distributed public key.



Access conditions that fit your use case

Whatever the business logic for data access, TACo nodes will enforce it. Specify and combine EVM, RPC and time-based conditions. Non-blockchain coming soon.


Predicate decryption rights on ownership of a special-purpose NFTs. Works for digital media, event streams and beyond.

Secret recovery


Inference protection


The Zero Compromise Solution

TACo blends ease of integration with genuine decentralization. No need to choose between the two.

Feature / Service Choice



EVM Contract


Cloud Service

Scalable to millions of users

Arbitrary access conditions

Redundant & highly available

Cryptoeconomically secured

Battle-tested network

Transparent trust model

Track record with infra



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