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TIP-037 Gas Reimbursements for v2 Node Operators

Oct 2022 · Will

**TIP-037 Gas Reimbursements for v2 Node Operators** ⛽️ **Vote Type:** Token holder DAO snapshot, 5 day vote window **DAO Elected Representative Sponsor:** Vict0r, David **Overview:** This is a proposal for the Threshold DAO Treasury Guild to reimburse tBTC v2 node operators for gas costs their clients incur when sending necessary transactions to Ethereum. **Milestones and Deadlines:** Gas reimbursements start when minting goes live. From there it is an indefinite expense. **Who is Involved:** Threshold Treasury Guild, tBTC v2 Node Operators **Why:** The goal of this proposal is to avoid "dishonest" tBTC v2 operators modifying their clients to maximize returns. Dishonest operators modifying clients can slow down the tBTC v2 network. **Detailed Summary:** tBTC v2 operators run off-chain clients. Off-chain clients occasionally send transactions to Ethereum. The client needs to pay ETH in gas for the transactions. There is no efficient way to force someone to send that transaction. This means, a situation could emerge where operators modify clients to not send any transactions in order to not spend any ETH on gas as a method of returns optimization. This would slow down the network. *Expected Cost:* This is not expected to be a major cost for the Threshold DAO if passed. The expected cost for this proposal is variable because it is based on tBTC v2 network usage and Ethereum gas rates. This table gives an estimate of cost by function call frequency and by gas unit cost: ![|404x372](upload://yzoskROiWSuyESIw5mv2X1bRJlu.png) For more information on the purpose of these five transactions please refer to the tBTC technical docs [here]( The expected cost for this proposal is between .197e and 1.97e per week. *Reimbursement Mechanism:* Reimbursement is automated through a Reimbursement Pool. More information on the Reimbursement Pool is located below. **Tx Details (If required):** N/A **Additional Info (Optional):** This proposal was originally discussed at a Threshold Treasury Guild meeting. From there updates were made based on group feedback. Next it was discussed at a Threshold DAO contributor sync.
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TIP-036 24/7 tech support & mod guild (v. 1)

Sept 2022 · _0xRskl

**Vote Type:** Token Holder DAO, Snapshot **DAO Elected Representative Sponsor:** MrsNuBooty **Overview:** About 3-4 month ago me and @kudo94 proposed to create a mod guild that would provide 24-hour support but despite long negotiations - we did not receive an answer. Also I saw that part of our ideas already realeased by @Vict0r as TSM. Why do I think that we need more than one mod? In our previous calls we talked about 24/7 support and I think that one member and one bot can't provide it. My ideas about mod guild and future missions: 1. Create full Mod Guild, not with only one user (currently only Vict0r). * Also I think that we can act as a sub-guild of IG. 2. Create a ticket system: two types of bots (tg/discord) where people can ask questions and one member of mod guild will answer through the bot. (I will work on it.) 3. Create a telegram bot with FAQ like currently working discord bot. (This will be the same telegram bot from **2.** but with one more function.) 4. Choose two leaders. Currently I suggest @Vict0r and me for these roles. 5. Provide 24/7 tech (and not only) support. * How: We will recruit the best candidates and divide the day into prime-time intervals, one moderator will be assigned for each period. 6. Create FAQ (I think we can use some of Vict0r's developments) and a linker with all official links. 7. Create a "fast answers book". (Create a library of already answered questions for future use) Also I want to ask to add some focus on community, not only on tech support and I present some community related responsibilities: 1. Welcome newcomers who have just entered our channel with some templated messages (links + first steps on the channel). 2. Fast spam removal from ds/tg during office hours. **Milestones and Deadlines:** 1. First week: * Create a ticket bot prototype. * Divide the day into prime times. * Open applications for 2-4 more mod roles. 2. Second week: * Choose new (or old ;d) mods and start the main work. 3. First month: * a ticket bot beta * A linker **Who are Involved:** I offer myself to be the leader of this sub-guild and I propose to share the leadership role with Victor as well. Also we need to add from 2 to 4 mods who will provide tech and other support during the day. **Why:** I have a lot expereince in web3 and discord moderations of web3 projects. Also I can develope tools for future use (ticket system/faq bot/etc.) I think Vict0r is a perfect candidate too and he is doing a huge amount of work from that proposal already. **Detailed Summary:** I propose to create moderators' sub-guild under IG with two "Captains": me and Vict0r. Then open applications for 1-3 more mod roles (jr. mods/mods). Start the work after this and provide 24/7 help for our community. Responsibilities of Captains: * Find good moderators on a permanent basis and be able to quickly replace them in case of force majeure. * Work on guides/FAQ/etc. * Moderating discord/tg/etc. * Build something that will really work. 24/7 support & community moderating in our case. **Payment:** I propose to add about 2k$ to current Victor's salary for performing new duties as a sub-guild captain, if he agrees on this role. (if not we will choose another captain and I will update proposal.) Also I want the same salary as Vict0r but I intend to spend more than 80 hours at work per month, about 120h-140h(bot dev + some more devs + answers as a tech support + discord moderating) Salary for jr.mods/mods: 20 usd/hour and max number of hours per week: 56h (8h per day) Sum: 8500$ (Vict0r's salary) + 8500$ (my salary) + 9600$ (payment that will be splited around other mods) = 26600$ (total) A part of my salary I will spend on the hosting for things being developed. **Quality control:** * Every two weeks I personally will provide a report on the work I have done. * Jr. mods also will provide a report about their work on 2 weeks basis. * After 3 month - long read about our work.
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TIP-035 T grants for tBTC v2 bootstrap node providers

Sept 2022 · Vict0r

**TL;DR** Proposal for establishing Threshold grants for tBTC v2 bootstrap node providers. Bootstrap nodes are essentially gateways to the tBTC network. They are NOT the same as other Threshold nodes, including nodes acting as signers for tBTC. Bootstrap nodes must be deployed on enterprise-grade hardware and require considerable resources and high technical competence to ensure 99.99% availability. Further, their bonded stakes are *not* inflation protected as bootstrap nodes do not participate in rewards because they cannot be exposed to slashing risk. Four providers have been identified that are willing to provide long-term support to Threshold (4 years). This proposal establishes a grant of $18,750/month for each provider. **Background** Bootstrap nodes are critical building blocks of infrastructure for the Threshold Network’s tBTC application and are very different from regular nodes. Their operator addresses are hard-coded in off-chain client code. **Bootstrap Node Requirements** Bootstrap nodes require a long-term commitment and need to be deployed on enterprise-grade infrastructure.. Additionally, Bootstrap node providers need to run 2 Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes as well as a minimum of 2 Ethereum nodes to ensure failover protection and guarantee availability of at least 99.99%. Stakes bonded to a Bootstrap node do not participate in rewards, which means the T locked in their stake is not inflation protected. The DAO will stake the necessary T from its treasury for each bootstrap node Bootstrap operators also need to be in separate geographic regions to protect against outages, ensure availability and provide stability to the network. **Launch Providers** Four professional node operators have been identified that are willing to make this commitment to Threshold: **Boar** - []( **InfStones** - []( - InfStones is dedicated to building the next evolution of a better world through limitless Web3 innovation by supporting tens of thousands of nodes on more than 60 major blockchains. The company is dedicated to bringing down the barriers to connecting with the blockchain. InfStones' platform is battle-tested and supports over 15,000 nodes on over 60 blockchains. **P2P** - []( - P2P Validator provides high uptime, secure staking with advanced monitoring & support. P2P was established in early 2018 and proved the best quality of staking services as one of the top operators in Threshold, Solana, Polkadot/Kusama, Tezos, Graph, Moonbeam, Regen, Chainlink, and Connext Networks. Currently, P2P secures more than 1,5 billion USD value across 30+ networks, provides highly-available RPC services, and contributes to web3 as a core developer for Lido on Solana and Neutron - Cosmos Hub secured smart-contract chain. **Staked** - []( - Staked operates the most secure, performant, and cost-effective block production nodes for decentralized PoS protocols on behalf of institutional investors. Their multi-tier signing and listening node architecture delivers stakeholders the ideal combination of security, scalability and decentralization. **Proposal** This proposal would create a grant for each Bootstrap operator of $18,750 per month in liquid T tokens, calculated at the TWAP for the period This grant is designed to cover the operational and staffing costs for bootstrap providers and ensure proper alignment and commitment to the network.
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