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Threshold leverages threshold cryptography to protect digital assets by distributing operations across independent parties, requiring some threshold number of them (t-of-n) to cooperate.


Threshold utilizes a network of independent nodes to provide threshold cryptographic services without a central authority.


Splitting cryptographic operations across nodes increases security and availability and reduces trust assumptions. Threshold is audited by the best firms in the space.


Cryptographic protocols eradicate the trust burden forced on end-users and ensure privacy on the public blockchain.

Threshold is run by an active community.

The Threshold DAO is a decentralized community of T token holders and their delegates who collectively vote to decide what's next for the network.

Current Proposals

TIP 50: Contractor role for a DAO Marketing Lead

Apr 2023 · JohnPackel

**Vote type:** Token holder DAO Snapshot with a 5-day vote period **DAO-elected representative sponsors:** John Packel, @MrsNuBooty, @Vict0r, @ZeroInFo56, @nico186, @beemeeupnow **tl/dr:** - A lot effort is necessary to both coordinate and execute the work that Marketing Guild sets out to accomplish with its OKRs and budget - As Threshold DAO’s needs and requests for marketing support have grown, we have tried various ways of fulfilling this through the guild’s committee members, supplemented by both compensated (temporary) and uncompensated “extra hours” from members - This has led us to this request for an ongoing 30-hour/week role to lead these efforts - We originally planned to include this role in [TIP-49 (Restructure the Marketing Guild Committee)]( but then agreed with feedback that it was worth breaking out into its own detailed proposal (thanks, Will) **Timeline:** - 5 days for comment / discussion on this proposal - token holder DAO Snapshot with a 5-day vote period **Who Is Involved:** Threshold Marketing Guild, Threshold community and Threshold work token holders **Detailed Summary** Threshold’s Marketing Guild has tried a number of approaches over the last 15 months to execute on marketing activities while also providing oversight over funding provided by the DAO. The current Marketing Guild Committee agrees on the need to separate the oversight and execution roles, making the former more conducive to the bandwidth most members have, while continuing to improve on the latter by prioritizing, commissioning and compensating contributors based on value and impact, rather than fixed monthly compensation. [TIP-49 (Restructure the Marketing Guild Committee)]( addresses the former plus structure for that latter, while this proposal addresses continuity for the latter. The section “FUNCTION 2: Execution on Guild OKRs” in TIP-49 outlines 3 principles that will drive how we go about getting guild work done in the future: 1. Prioritize & assign work based on expected impact in driving Threshold’s mission 2. Source multiple types of contributor to make the MG more productive & resilient 3. Compensate contributors based on achieving projects’ results These will require bi-weekly sprint planning plus a retrospective that informs the next sprint plan, soliciting proposals from marketing/communications professionals, developing a process that delivers the best impact/price with the least amount of overhead/administration, developing rubrics to evaluate work output compared to what was commissioned and measure the impact, and larger projects will need retrospectives for improving our process. **Thus we need a highly trusted and capable person to manage this process, as well as to execute on the aspects of the MG’s critical core work streams (detailed below) that are most efficiently delivered “in house” and/or can’t wait for another contributor to be sourced, commissioned and evaluated.** In terms of execution, the scope of this role would cover 4 primary areas, with the primary activities noted below each: 1. **Social media** - Leading and aligning with stakeholders the strategy for putting our assets to best use - Promoting the Threshold brand, its products and campaigns - Continuing to engage Threshold in relevant discussions and with influential accounts - Partnering with the Keep, NuCypher & thUSD teams on tactics - Aligning with Eugene on Wrapped Tour (and subsequent efforts) & posting threads - Aligning with Ryan on Threshold Access Control content & promotion 2. **Content creation** - Aligning with Keep, NuCypher & thUSD teams on content & messaging - Drafting the *Threshold Time* newsletter content twice per month - Aligning with NuCypher & Keep marketing on blog needs & commissioning writers - Creating shorter videos & commissioning production of longer ones as needed - Creating and coordinating content for Community Calls & editing/publishing recordings - Supporting Threshold documentation updates - Working with token tracking sites to update Threshold/product messaging - Supporting Threshold AMAs 3. **Events/campaigns/sponsorships** - Supporting stakeholder alignment on Threshold event strategy & budget - Supporting/coordinating alignment on event messaging & resources - Coordinating and aligning event strategy & logistics (booth, hackathons, etc.) - Creating & executing campaigns supporting Threshold’s brand, products & initiatives - Recommending to MG Committee potential sponsorships 4. **Guild infrastructure** - Continue to enhance alignment and support other guilds on cross-functional projects - Continuing to add and maintain Threshold’s Notion pages for internal & external use - Sourcing proposals from marketing/communications professionals for outsourced work - Developing and maintaining rubrics for evaluating outsourced work - Supporting the MG Committee with its quarterly budget requests - Attending monthly MG Committee meeting & brief committee members on decisions - Research & recommend community engagement tools (e.g., Sobol) We recommend that Threshold DAO contract with Ashley (MrsNu) for a 6-month renewable period working 30 hours/week at the $85/hour rate the MG Committee has aligned on and approved for contractor in the past. Ashley is a Threshold “OG” community member (going back to NuCypher), she is a positive and helpful voice everywhere Threshold is being promoted and discussed (Twitter, Discord, Notion, YouTube, emerging Web3 platforms, etc.), and she has proven her value by contributing more to the Marketing Guild’s output over 15 months than anyone else.
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GP-022 : Threshold Treasury Guild 2Q23 Budget Proposal

Apr 2023 · Eastban

**Threshold Treasury Guild: 2Q23 Budget Request** **Vote Type:** Single choice voting (Yes/No) **Overview:** As part of TTG´s *[mission and scope](* and with its defined objectives the TTG is requesting discretionary funding of 50m T (~$1.6m) from the Threshold Treasury for Q2 2023. This discretionary budget will be primarily used for: * Compensation for Threshold’s Guild and Council contributors * Execution of ongoing liquidity incentives * Execution of diversification efforts * Reimbursement to Bootstrapping node-operators per *[TIP-045](* * Payment for code audits * Other ongoing expenses and reimbursements supporting TTG’s mission **Milestones and Deadlines:** Budgeted funds are for 2Q 2023. **Proposed schedule:** * Forum Discussion Started: April 25, 2023 * Forum Discussion Concluded: April 28, 2023 * Snapshot Vote Started: April 29, 2023 * Snapshot Vote Concluded: May 2, 2023 **Authors:** The Threshold Treasury Guild Committee (TTG) multisig consists of @JohnPackel , @Will , @ben , @Vict0r , @sap , @LakeLaogai , @Eastban. Two additional members are being added. **Threshold Treasury Guild OKRs** ![image|690x465](upload://a3OvliraUvdsGtrwtTB0PKQBcsn.jpeg) **Use of Proceeds** Funds will be managed under the TTG multi-sig and will be allocated towards the TTG goals listed above as well as any discretionary expenses that may fall outside of the initial scope. The funds will primarily be used for : * Compensation for Threshold’s Guild, thUSD team and Council contributors: * 2.57m T per month (7.71m T for 2Q23). * Execution of ongoing liquidity incentives: * 1m T per month for T pool incentives (3m T for 2Q23). * As per ongoing tBTC liquidity bootstrapping efforts (voted TIP 46 and upcoming TIP 47 and 48) additional liquidity incentives should be delivered: 4.5m T for 2Q23. * Execution of diversification efforts: * TTG expects to continue its diversification effort by acquiring 100 ETH per month. * 6.9m T per month (20.7m T for 2Q23 - includes 20% price buffer). * Reimbursement for Bootstrapping node-operators * As per TIP-045 ratification,TIP-045 ratification, 3 node-operators are running Bootstrap nodes with monthly costs of $10k each per month * 1.9m T for Feb 2023 and Mar 2023 reimbursements * 2.8m T for 2Q23 reimbursements. * Payment for audits * Upcoming audit from MixBytes is invoiced for 3.1m T (~$99k). * Provision for another audit 4.7m T (~$150k) * Other expenses and reimbursements * 1.6m T ($50k) for other expenses This list is non-exhaustive, it is quite likely that over the duration of this quarter, the TTG will incur additional expenses, and/or be subject to opportunities that may require additional funding as there are ongoing proposals for additional liquidity programs. **Expiry / Timing of Budget Spend** There is neither an expiry on the allocated budget nor an estimate of when the funds will be depleted. However, the TTG ensures that these funds will be prudently and responsibly allocated toward activities and expenses that are consistent with its mission and aligned with its OKRs.
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TIP 51: Coverage Pool Allocation

May 2023 · Will

**TIP 51: Coverage Pool Allocation** **Vote type:** Token Holder Governor Bravo **Overview:** This is a proposal to provide more insurance to tBTC users in the form of allocating more Threshold DAO resources to the coverage of tBTC. Responsible risk management on behalf of the DAO is critical for tBTC users as the network continues to scale. Currently, tBTC is backstopped by a single asset T-only coverage pool. Strong steps toward improving protocol risk management are achieved by the DAO committing more assets to this pool. This proposal is an extension of TIP 43- Coverage Pool Migration. The intention is to strike a better initial balance between early tBTC coverage and the opportunity for the DAO to maximize yield by leveraging internal assets elsewhere across the DeFi ecosystem. *The proposal is not the end state for Threshold DAO tBTC risk management.* The Threshold DAO can elect to expand tBTC coverage into multiple assets by deploying a new, fully incentivized multi asset coverage pool. This would allow for coverage outside of just T as a single asset which is benificial for risk management. However, any expansion is out of scope of this proposal. **Milestones and Deadlines:** *Proposal Drafting:* Strategy discussion and alignment in the Threshold Treasury Guild. *Temp Check Snapshot:* The proposal will move to a Threshold DAO temp check snapshot the week of 05/08/23. *Governor Bravo (GB) Flow Start:* If the temp check is passed this proposal will move into the Threshold DAO GB instance shortly after the snapshot ends. **Who is Involved?** Token Holder DAO, Treasury Guild **Detailed Summary:** The exact resources allocated to the T-only coverage pool are outlined in this section of the proposal. Current stats for protocol generated BTC wallet size are available on this dune dashboard. The Threshold Treasury guild is recommending the DAO uses a percentage of tBTC TVL as an anchor metric to base coverage available in the pool. Currently, BTC wallets are generated by the protocol every two weeks. However, this number will increase to one week. Wallets will timeout after 6 months at which point they are swept resulting in BTC transferring to newer, more lively wallets. This means that 26 is the foreseeable maximum wallet amount. The DAO should aim to provide initial coverage on one BTC wallet. Thus, in theory - the DAO should initially pledge to cover 1/26 or 3.8% of the entire tBTC supply. Currently, the total tBTC supply is 529.62. This means that the DAO will deposit enough T to cover roughly 20 BTC or ~17M T. However, metrics discussed are at the time of this proposal writing and will absolutely change. Thus, a mechanism for flexibility for the DAO to adapt to tBTC growth and market volatility is a necessary part of this proposal. This proposal calls to allocate up to 50M T from the DAO to the Threshold Treasury guild to add to the T only coverage pool at discretion. This 50M T represents a cap that the DAO will deposit into the T only coverage pool. This flexibility will ensure that this proposal does not become irrelevant in a short time and gives the DAO a mechanism to continuously adjust risk to market conditions. Worth noting, if all goes well and no BTC is lost from the protocol the Treasury Guild will be able to withdraw these funds out of the T only coverage pool and return them to the Token Holder DAO when any multi asset coverage pool launches. **Tx Details (If required):** N/A at time of posting. Exact T amounts subject to change with market over lifecycle of proposal.
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